100% At-Home Remote IV Monitoring

Cost-Saving Technology that Reduces Re-Admission Rates & Promotes Predictable Healthcare Value

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How does IVE work to decrease readmissions?

  • IVE drives patient compliance.
  • IVE allows health managers to include prescribing providers, managing pharmacists, payors, and disease management companies’ access to data streams to maximize decision making.
  • Reduce readmissions within 30 days for top 5/50 conditions such as: UTIs, Sepsis, Cellulitus, and Diabetic Complications.

Are Your Patients Being Readmitted to the Hospital Because of Noncompliance?

Without a lack of structure and accountability, patients miss their infusions, making their road to recovery longer and costing payors millions each year. In fact, noncompliance costs insurance companies over $290 billion annually, but it can absolutely be avoided.

Achieve 90% Patient Compliance with a System that Actually Works

The unfortunate reality is that patients struggle to comply with at-home infusions. Patients need a healthcare advocate to ensure they complete infusion therapy on time to avoid preventable hospital readmission or fatal health issues.

IV Ensure™ uses a patent-pending IV monitoring device, in-depth patient analytics, and case management to ensure your patients stay compliant.

Whether it’s diabetes, sepsis, a kidney infection, or other health condition, IV Ensure™ is the accountability partner your patients need to stay healthy.

With over 13 years of managing over 25,000 patient cases, our Care Team and cloud-based technology ensure patients have the best care while saving payors millions each year.

How IV Ensure™ Works

Managing Every Patient, Every Infusion, Every Time

Tracking outpatient infusion compliance for chronically ill patients can be next to impossible. Without structure and accountability, patients miss infusions, making their road to recovery longer.

Consistent IV care is the only solution to ensure these patients recover. IV Ensure™ acts as a healthcare accountability partner for patients, tracking home, AIC, and outpatient infusion data, improving infusion compliance rates and reducing comorbidity, ultimately decreasing preventable hospital readmission rates.

Our patented Infusion Tracker device easily attaches to the outside of the infusion line that patients already own. Once attached, IV Ensure™ records the date, time, temperature, infusion length, and patient mood. Every patient completes a one-second survey every infusion which trends their emotions. After the data is collected it is securely transmitted to IVA for use in assisting the patient compliance level goal.

IV Ensure™ uses this data to predict case management needs to help manage depression and anxiety does not derail patient recovery. This predictability ultimately drives patient and provider compliance transparency, increasing health value.

Our Care Team monitors patient data to ensure they have completed their IV infusion on time. If an infusion is missed, a Care Team member contacts them directly while also notifying doctors and payors. This system creates transparency between patients and insurance companies, doctors, the hospital, and their loved ones.

We know that when patients are compliant with their infusions at home healthcare resources can be extended. Care at home costs far fewer healthcare dollars. This ultimately increases greater patient value and quality of life–and who doesn’t want that?

Trusted by Healthcare Leaders, Loved by Patients

Featured in the Dallas Business Journal

“Home infusion therapy plays a crucial role in the provision of healthcare, including the provision of cost-effective care outside of an institutional setting.”

ASHP Board of Directors

“Administration of medications in the home or infusion suite has been shown to be a safe and cost-effective method of treating most patients with minimal intrusion on their everyday lives.”

National Home Infusion Association

Patients who have been discharged from the hospital are at reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections, which can be caused by more virulent pathogens than those that are community-acquired. This [home infusion therapy] is particularly important for vulnerable patients such as those who are immunocompromised, as hospital-acquired infections are increasingly caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

H. Wisplinghoff

How Much is Hospital Readmission Costing You?

Predictability for the 5/50 population is key to ensuring greater healthcare value. Patient compliance for home infusion means inpatient hospital DRG predictability with the reduced cost of home infusion site of care.

The missing link is a healthcare advocate supporting your members––every patient, every infusion, every time.

Not being able to predict healthcare costs is a problem for all payors. Poor home IV infusion compliance is already costing you millions each year in readmissions and extended care that can be avoided.

Help Your Patients Achieve Greater Healthcare Value

While Reducing Payer Costs

How Much is Hospital Re-Admission Costing You?

How much is re-admission costing you? How many sleepless nights have you had worrying about whether your patients are following their infusion requirements? How many times have you cringed when sharing cost of a patient’s medical bills?

Not finding a health advocate for your patients is already costing you time, stress, and money.

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Managed IV Therapy Decreases Readmission Rates

Trusted by Leading Insurance and Healthcare Organizations

Achieve 90% Patient Compliance for a Fraction of the Cost of In-Home Healthcare

IV Ensure™ pays for itself by predicting patient compliance and ensuring each patient succeeds the first time and avoids costly healthcare interventions.

  • Patent pending by the only targeted case management company in operation since 2008

  • Developed and backed by epidemiologists

  • Real-time EMR integration and communication

  • Monthly reports to doctors & payors

  • 24/7/365 oversight

  • Cost-effective compliance monitoring with real-time distress feedback

  • Fits any infusion system

  • Reusable technology designed to save costs for payors

  • Integrating Healthcare system transparency for better patient outcomes

  • Scaleable for thousands of patients globally

  • Integrates with existing Bluetooth or web-based care devices

  • Backed by top IV infusion compliance firm

  • Uploads data without the need for internet access

  • No patient charging or device maintenance for 2 months

  • Automatic case manager notification to alert noncompliance

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