Cost-Saving Technology that Drastically Reduces Readmittance Rates of Chronically Ill Patients.

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Technology and Advocacy to Improve Patient Adherence Rates and Connect Physicians and Their Patients

Patients who fail to take their medications as prescribed face an increased chance of disease progression, extended hospital stays or even death. In addition to the personal consequences of poor adherence, morbidity and mortality costs are estimated at over $528 billion annually.

IV Ensure is designed to address these issues head on. Our model pushes adherence rates to 90%, while providing physicians insights into their patients’ care received at home. Our patented technology combined with data analytics and our team of experienced care managers supports patients throughout their infusion journey. We understand there may be obstacles patients face when infusing at home, and our care managers are trained to support patients and overcome those obstacles.

IV Ensure connects physicians and their patients to promote higher adherence rates leading to better health outcomes and reduced overall healthcare costs. IV Ensure supports home-infusion patients throughout their infusion journey and provides valuable insights to the physician allowing them to make better informed decisions about the care their patients receive at home.

Historically, it is challenging to objectively measure adherence rates due to the high costs and intrusiveness of available methods. IV Ensure delivers an accurate picture of a given patient’s adherence rates in a cost-effective and non-invasive manner, and our care managers support those patients who might otherwise struggle to take their infusion medication as prescribed.

Studies show that health outcomes improve, and costs go down when patients adhere to the medication therapies prescribed by their doctors. Simply adhering to the prescribed therapy can have a greater impact on outcomes than the specific treatment itself. Many patients stop taking their medications, often without discussing it with their physician, within a few days, weeks, or months. Some patients never even start.

Medication adherence is the complex interplay between motivation and ability, and successful adherence is generally defined as patients taking their medication as prescribed at least 80% of the time. IV Ensure’s model pushes adherence rates to over 90% by providing support to the patient throughout their infusion journey. Feedback from our infusion patients is overwhelmingly positive, and they appreciate the support IV Ensure provides.

Mitchell Berenson, our founder, has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping people. Educated at Oklahoma State University, the Oklahoma University Health Science Center, and Johns Hopkins. He co-founded Community Infusion Solutions in 2008 to make hospital-based infusion therapy more accessible to rural communities, and the company has successfully managed over 26,000 patients in 14 states.

Even before the COVID 19 pandemic accelerated growth in the home infusion market, Mitchell and Debbie Meyer started working on the first iteration of the device that would become IV Ensure. Our goal from the beginning was to empower patients to improve their adherence rates, and simultaneously provide valuable insights to physicians regarding the care their patients receive while at home. As the home infusion market continues to grow, remote therapeutic monitoring promoting adherence rates will become even more important to patients individually and society at large.

Mitchell Berenson has nearly three decades of healthcare expertise, with a primary focus on innovating and assessing infusion services. He owns three patents related to remote monitoring devices, and has sought international patents for the same. His proficiency in value-based care, intertwined with remote-monitoring technology, is noteworthy. Furthermore, Mitchell has successfully launched multiple healthcare companies, including Community Infusion Solutions.

An alumnus of Oklahoma State University, Mitchell secured his Bachelor’s in Economics and Marketing, and he later pursued a Master of Public Health from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, delving into healthcare economics, biostatistics, and administration. His academic journey included an administrative residency at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, wherein he worked on the development of a multi-disciplinary department of Pain Medicine.

Mitchell dedicated two years to a budding insurance firm as a chief health analyst and actuary, and he offered his expertise to Hillcrest Healthcare System in Tulsa, Oklahoma for another two years in a similar role. During the next seven years, Mitchell worked in Dallas, Texas with Baylor Healthcare System and related physician practices as a data-driven turnaround specialist. Mitchell currently serves on national health policy development initiatives, and he is experienced in neurology, oncology, infectious diseases, and other specialties. Mitchell was chosen as a 2014 National Rural Health Association Fellow.

Debbie Meyer is a technology and communications consultant with more than 20 years of experience bridging science, engineering, and field operations for private and university-based research. As a partner at SoftwareCannery, an embedded systems design and manufacturing company, she developed the initial proof of concept for the IV Ensure device that led to patent application.

Dr. Stafford A. Conway embarked on his academic pursuits at the American University of the Caribbean and furthered his specialization with a Neurology residency at the University of South Alabama. His deep dive into neuroimaging took shape at the Alabama Neurological Institute where he successfully completed his fellowship. During this period, he garnered recognition for his groundbreaking research in Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Angiography.

Stafford dedicated five years as the Medical Director for Neurology at the Swedish Neurosciences Institute in Seattle, Washington, and he served as a neurohospitalist and the Chairman of Neurosciences for another 5 years with Ballad Health.

Jacob Dozier earned his Bachelor of Science in Management and Psychology from Texas A&M University and worked five years with CarePoint Partners, one of the largest and fastest growing infusion providers in the country. He is experienced in case management of infusion services for specialties including, but not limited to, neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, orthopedics, and infectious disease. Jacob’s knowledge of infusion therapies includes antibiotics, biologics, and pain management.